About me


I’m a 4th-year undergraduate @The University of Edinburgh majoring in Electronics and Computer Science 📖. Ranked 2nd in my program.

– 2019/20:

Awarded 1st Year Class Medal which was awarded to the top overall student in 1st year Electronics and Electrical Engineering. 🏅

Participated in Edinburgh Global Buddies Program,  awarded Leadership in Student Opportunities Edinburgh Award

– 2020/21:

Have had an internship at NXP @ Tianjin in the 2021 summer, responsible for identifying abnormal products through building machine learning models and data visualization.📊

Have had an internship in a StartUp working on optimizing the overall performance of wind farms through deep learning models in Beijing, responsible for data cleaning and preprocessing data from the wind farm.🌬

– 2022/23:

One of the 3rd year E&EE program representatives.

Studied @ the University of Texas, Austin as an exchange student in 2022🤘 with Turing Scheme Funding. Token Computer Vision, Data Science Laboratory, Operating System, Real-time digital signal processing etc.

Currently doing summer research related to NLP


A cat person with a ten-year-old cat🐱.


Computer Vision

Just Dance Everywhere (GitHub, Report):

A web application that allows people to play the ’Just Dance’ video game using the webcam on their laptop💻 without using the Switch console 🎮.

Natural Language Processing

1. One variant of adversarial attack (Medium) based on the framework of BertAttack. 

2. Covid-19 fake news detection (co-first author):

Kolluri NL, Liu Y, Murthy D. COVID-19 Misinformation Detection: Machine Learned Solutions to the Infodemic  

(This paper has been accepted and is currently in production.)

FPGA (Verilog + C)

1. Traffic Light using Basys 3 FPGA board

–  User and Programmer’s Guide


2. Snake Game



While I’m still exploring various areas, I’m currently passionate about Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. 

I’m planning a Ph.D. and/or Master’s in this area and am very happy to work in interdisciplinary fields. 👩🏻‍🎓


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